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House mouse life doesn't lend to extremes
Very little is unexpected.

However, events often shape themselves.

But, is there safety in the wilds?
Is home but a distant dream?

Join little Binder and his yard mates facing the dangerous unknown
Learn what friendship often requires

Welcome Crusader

The Adventure begins

There was a time long ago, lost in the distant past that Golanthia did not exist. This was when the formation, the structure, the establishment of the universe was begun. Before then, there was nothing but void and emptiness

Bellowing thunderheads approach with a hideous intent. Thunderous CRASHES and bright FLASHES fill the sky. Through their blackness a defused radiance glows, denouncing with its many distorted patterns the light of day. Images reminiscent of powers outside of mortal hands mingle with growing shadows in ways that speak to one’s very soul. Looking up at the impending skies, most would find the blackness accompanying the rumblings fitting for the upcoming ordeal.

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Welcome Crusader

The adventure continues into the Land Beyond

Following the battle of the yard, all rest and enjoy a fresh balance. However, this reprieve is short-lived.  Looming like a demon, the black abyss opens an ugly maw - diabolically exhibiting untold terrors. Lost in a land no traveler returns, terrible journeys and uneasy alliances are forged.  Discovering a brewing underworld massing for invasion blurs lines between friend and foe. Standing against a lurking evil, great sacrifices, and unheard-of heroics to save their world sets unlikely comrades upon a path of no return.  Pitched into an epic clash, the Crusaders prepare to battle a potent advisory in the hope of retaining their way

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