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Book Publishing in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dive into the world of reading with new books from Tin Cup Studios. Our book publishing company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but offers sales and opportunities for authors worldwide. Contact us to learn more about our latest books, merchandise, and publishing services for unknown authors.


Ponderings Poem Book

Beseech a humble heart
Lost to worldly gain
Tests the mantle of the flame
Returns remade with mortal shame

Reshaped with wicked life

Molded into its lost sight
Bent to givers take
And now forever twined

Innocence betrayed
Stripped bare to this shameful life
Shaped as one to all remain
Forever lost to one’s own shame

Contemplations Poetry Book

Sitting silently together
Softly touching hands
Head resting lightly upon my chest
Comforted as we listen to each expansive breath

Embodied language
Nature's speaks a hidden tongue
Passing through each fingertip
That unspoken spoken song

Compacted now speaking thus
Express what words cannot portray
Passes between two touching hearts
With all that spoken words delay

 Reflections Poetry Book

 Windy is today
No sun to light my way
As this day recedes away
Silence across my path

As darkness stills the empty air
Oh what dreams are there

Smiles play across your face
With eyes that light the night
The sweet perfume of your presence
Fills me with delight
The passage of another night
Retells me of your beauty's sight


Let's not those days of winter speak
That subtle passage of another day
Until the gray grim skies we weep
Our warning lights fade 

So let's lift our eyes upon the sky
With fragrances of this may
With our thoughts today combined
Let hues of memory play



The Works of G.E. Graves
Tin Cup Studios is proud to offer the works of G.E. Graves. G.E. Graves has written a series of children's books and several collections of books of poetry. We currently offer e-books and a paperback book, but plan to carry hardcovers in the near future. Our staff is currently working on 6 of his books and 4 are currently for sale.

 Contact us today to learn more about G.E. Graves and our publishing opportunities.